To save someones life is the biggest victory in life.

Roman Kresta

Rally driver


„Rally has not only taught me humility but also how to keep fighting. Every disease needs to be fought. Lets all help those who fight the biggest battle. The battle for their life. ”

MUDr. Lubomír Nečas

Deputy Govenor of Zlin region


“Life does not always act according to the rules of fair play. A lot of young people and even children suffer leukemia. Their “life race“ can then end right after it started. Please help them to get back on track. It will not limit your own performance. “

Ing. Monika Palatková

CEO of Czech tourism


“When you ask foreign tourists who is their “ superhero“ from Czech republic they will most likely give you the names of Jaromir Jagr, Vaclav Havel or even Little mole character. However, in everyday life it is those who are willing to help others.”

MUDr. Jana Navrátilová

Head of coordination ČNRDD


„That short moment of discomfort when a doctor extracts a couple of bone marrow cells will enable you to save someones life…Hopefully, there is no reason for anyone to doubt signing up for the bone marrow registry!“

MUDr. Miroslav Adámek

Mayor of Zlín


“What a brilliant idea to “drive on marrow”. Every bone marrow donor can save a person, his life and will not only help them but also their families and friends. I am sure that there will be a plenty of those who will “drive on marrow” among the fans of Barum rally. “

Karolína Jugasová

rally navigátorka


„I am driving on marrow because you never know when you will need help from others. Everyone who is young and healthy should take part. To save someones life is for me personally, the biggest victory in life.”

Michaela Gemma Mašková

Autoklub ČR


„Every driver has a chance to win his race, similarly everyone should get their chance in a normal life. That is why Autoclub is driving on marrow. “

Mgr. Daniel Pagáč, MBA



„It can happen to anyone- to a child, an adult, to a young or older person. A competely healthy person suddenly becomes severely ill. Transplantation of bone marrow has a wonderful ability to give person back to its old life. It is essential to have a matching donor!

Jan Regner

Executive director of Barum Czech Rally Zlín


„Each year, we receive over 200 000 fans at Barum rally. I believe, that their hearts beat not only for rally but also for a good cause. It does not matter if it is in a context of a rally stage or real life but the principal that who can, will help stands.”