Why should you drive on Marrow?

Because we are looking for bone marrow donors! Thanks to 2 millilitres of blood and 5 minutes of your time we can save a life of an adult or a child.
Every 4th patient will not find the right doner in time.
What if you are the only one who can save them?
This year, we have decided to prove that people in our region are not indifferent about the fate of those who are greatly ill and we believe that with help of professionals from motor sport, we can approach thousands of young people, that will decide to sign up to the registry of bone marrow donors.


The opportunity of registration and donating a small sample of blood will be available during Barum Czech Rally Zlín,
and naturally a lot of competitors are setting an example.
News about our project can be seen on our facebook page.

Tomáš Naď /23/ Kroměříž


In January of 2015 I got an acute Leukemia. In order to recover, I needed a bone marrow transplant. Although everyone tried their hardest, we could not find a donor in the Czech registry. Luckily, we found a matching donor in Germany. I am currently two months after my transplant and I am feeling much better.

Alex Kihurani /28/ USA


A bone marrow transplant is the only real cure for otherwise incurable forms of cancer, including my own, but finding a donor is a difficult and often time-sensitive process. A small blood test goes a long way in lifting someone back on the road again who would otherwise go out entirely too soon.

Václav Soudil /†28/ Zlín


I have surpassed many obstacles in life but one happened to be fatal – an acute leukemia. I found a right donor in the US. Unfortunately, the search in international registers and the time required for transport was so long, that I have missed the right period of time for a transplant. Thought, as a doctor I knew that I am battling a fight that is nearly impossible to win, I went through another two transplants, series of chemo and radiation. However, this did not bring any result. Today, I just wish that other people suffering the same disease as I do will have more luck than me,  and that they will find a matching donor in time.

Jakub Lekeš /20 years old/ Šumice


A patient after a transplant

I got quite a shock when I learned about my diagnosis. After all, I have successfully defeated leukemia once already and now, I was supposed to go through all of that again? All my future plans vanished within a minute. The worst part was the waiting and not knowing if they would find a matching donor for me. In those situations, you will experience a great strain on your mental health, no matter if you are nineteen or sixty. The feeling I got after the transplant was incredible. Feelings of joy, happiness….That is why I would like to thank everyone who enters the registry, as they give someone an opportunity to live on, and frankly that is priceless.

Karel Špaček /45 /


-Mold Engineer at Continental Barum, Bone marrow donor


“A hero is someone, who for example saves children from a burning house. I have only donated my bone marrow. I was lucky enough to become a donor as I have matched with someone in need .” His donation enabled a seventeen year old Jana Vršecka to fully recover from an aplactic anemia, that can only be cured through a bone marrow transplant. Thanks to this donor from Otrokovice and a transplant that was quickly carried out, Jana survived and today she works at a private health clinic.

Libor Slavík /54/


Mold Engineer at Continental Barum, donated his bone marrow twice

Anyone can get a bad disease, no matter what age they are. It feels amazing to know, I could give someone a chance of getting their life back. I hope, that all patients will have a smooth recovery. I am glad that I could have personally helped to one of those happy endings to take place. Let´s all drive on marrow!